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Why asyncmatic?

Jon is the CEO of Acme Inc. Jon is located in New York. Jon hired Jane as a frontend developer from Berlin.
On Jane's first day Jon setup her Gsuite, Slack and her benefits in a few click with AsyncMatic.

Jon used a roadmap template for frontend developer from AsyncMatic to give Jane an idea about her first few months at Acme inc.

At the end of the month Jon easily pays salary to all his 46 employees across 21 different countries within minutes through AsyncMatic. Jon is happy!
Jane's first day was a breeze. She received the welcome e-mail from AsyncMatic, filled in a few information and was all set.

She could go through all her tasks and goals for first few months. She is always aware of who is working where and when, and could easily ask for help during her first days.

In few clicks, she was able to get a Gym membership in Berlin through AsyncMatic.

As a contract remote employee she got assistance to setup her taxes, insurance etc from her employer. Jane was happy!
Onboard employees

Setup new hires instantly with accounts, sign all documents and guide through their first days. Automate process with onboarding templates.

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Manage benefits

Request and manage all your employee benefits in one place. Health insurance, home office assistance, tax filing assistance, and much more.

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Pay salary ( Soon.. )

Pay your employees -we support payments to more than 60 countries. Automate monthly salary payment, benefits, and reimbursements.

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